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GYM Planet

Improve your fitness at Gym Planet. We are Gym Planet and we help our members to achieve their fitness goal in a unique way. We offer variety of options in Membership, & Personal training to individual customized programme.We have the experience to work with a variety of clients from, Strength athletes, Working professionals, School athletes and to the general fitness clients.

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Our Team Gym Planet

Who we are

“A fit, healthy body – that is the best fashion statement”, Fitness is the need of an hour these days. And if get a proper guidance and advanced equipment’s around it adds cherry on the cake. This is exactly whatwe provide at GYM PLANET. As our motto is “Be transformed” We aim that helping you to become better version of yourself. Our clients are of utmost importance to us & hence we help them becoming healthier, happier.

Gym Planet is proud to be locally owned and locally invested. We build trust with our members by delivering fitness results and getting our members in the best shape of their lives!Our Staff, hired with all the core values in mind, are extremely cordial and finest trainers in town.

At Gym Planet we encourage everyone to be their best and reach their fitness goals no matter what they are

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Low Crawl

Low crawl is to crawl on your belly like what you would imagine a soldier doing. Athlete must crawl below the target line and athlete can’t go on the hands and knees. And must use forearms and inner knee/shin area. The low crawl length would be 30 ft long.

Tire run

In Tire run obstacle athlete must run in between the holes of two tyres. (must put the foot in the center of the tyre hole). This obstacle course is 30 ft long.

Wall climb

Athlete has to climb a wall and go down to other side of the wall. For male athlete the height of the wall is 6ft & for females it would be 5ft.

Rope wall climbing

In this obstacle Athlete has to climb a wall with the help of rope and go down to the other side of the wall with the help of rope. The height of the wall for all athletes (male and female) would be 10ft.

Balance beam

In Balance beam athlete has to carry a weight of 15 kg for males and 10 kg for females and walk 21 ft long 4-inch broad beam.

Monkey bars

Monkey bar will test arms strength of the athlete. Athlete has to cross ladder like bars with the help of his/her hands. The height of the monkey bar will be 6 to 8 ft in incline and 8 to 6ft decline.

Vertical cargo net climb

In this obstacle athlete has to climb ft vertical with the help cargo net and must stepdown with the help of cargo net.

Box Jump

Box Jump requires stamina, endurance and technique. In this obstacle athlete has to jump 2.5 ft high with both the feet and do the push up.


Athlete has to do the squats with weights wherein make sure that the athlete should touch his/her hamstrings to calves.

What Our Member says

Once you understand them, you’ll have the better prospect & way to do Gym

Advocate Mangesh Jadhav Designation

" The attending team is excellent; All the attending trainers are proactive in helping and sharing the fitness tips useful in workout ".

Nandu Navpute Designation

" Gym Planet is a great gym all equipment's are best. My personal trainer Mr. Rohit's assessment are very good & I feel happy while doing workout in Gym Planet ".

Saurabh S Agrawal Designation

" Best fitness gym of Aurangabad with best training team ".

Dhananjay Akat Designation

" The best ambience extraordinary customer service. I think Gym Planet is the best gym on this Planet ".

Nirupam Lahiri Designation

" A great place to workout with world class equipment's ".

Ganesh Jadhav Designation

" Gym Planet is the incredible gym with hygienic atmosphere, well trained, experienced & excellent trainers ".

Mandeep Singh Designation

" The best gym in Aurangabad, Great facilities, wide range of equipment's and most importantly amazing trainers ".

Nisha S Lalwani Designation

" Joining this gym was my first experience of gyming.Got to know about it through friends.Initially wasn't sure I'II joint it ; but the ambience and cooperative trainers changed my perspective towards it",

Sameer Lakhani Designation

" Gym Planet is the best gym in Aurangabad, Best quality trainers, Best variety of equipment's got good result ".

    Opening Hour



    5:00 am – 11:00 pm,
    16:00 pm-23:00 pm.


    11:00 am – 16:00 pm.




    Once you understand them, you’ll have the better prospect & way to do Gym

    • Advanced Cardio Equipment’s for Cardio conditioning.
    • Advanced Pin loaded Machines for maximize strength development.
    • Advanced Plate Loaded Machines for explosive power development.
    • Huge collection of Free Weights.
    • Synergy 360 for intense cardio & sports specific conditioning.
    • Lockers, Changing room, &Steam bath facility.

    Personal Training

    As a results-oriented Gym, it is extremely important that we assist every member in accomplishing the fitness goals that brought them into the club in the first place. For this reason, we have developed our training program which is geared toward helping each individual achieve the best results possible in the shortest period of time.

    A Personal training programme at Gym Planet is an individualized programme in which, we comprehensively assess where you are physically and create tailored programmes to help you get where you want to be. With a personal trainer you can enhance your Coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and endurance as well as your cardiovascular health.

    Each member will begin the program with adetailed fitness assessment designed to establish goals based off of the “Bridging the gap” module, baseline body composition measurements, circumference measurements, and an in depth postural analysis.

    Crossfit and Functional Training

    Once you understand them, you’ll have the better prospect & way to do Gym